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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] About product concept
Am Wednesday, 25. May 2011, 21:20:49 schrieb Sandro Andrade:
On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 8:50 AM, Adrian Schröter <adrian@xxxxxxx> wrote:
2) I understand the concept of product as a specific group of packages
made available by some kind of media(um) but
the real goal of release packages (as openSUSE-release) is still
obscure to me. When I try to install a new add-on by
using YaST module it asks me the product source (url, DVD, etc) and
just shows me the YaST module for selecting
patterns for installation (including patterns from all repositories
currently enabled). Couldn't I ask to install all
packages from the add-on ? Do I need create a pattern in product
description to have this working (create_pattern="true"
in "<use group ..." ?) ?

create_pattern is unfortunatly not yet implementet.

I'd be happy trying to implement that, if you think it's a convenient
time in terms
of the needed infra-structure to have this working. I'd just need some initial
guidelines ...

That would be really great.

In short the "bs_productconverter" needs to create packages providing these
patterns according to the group specification. The specification should be
already complete since we had this in mind from the very beginning. Just our
release managers did refused in first step to use it, so we followed not up
with the implementation (I hope this will change in future).

The bs_productconverter is some perl application (which I am a bit ashamed of
it's code quality acutally), which reads the .product and included files and
generates all .kiwi and .spec files.

Creating some more .spec files for the patterns should be straight forward.

Unfortunatly there are currently two different concepts of patterns on suse.
The old meta data extracted on the installation media and just simple rpm
for each pattern generated with Requires, Recommends and friends. Check

osc ls openSUSE:Factory patterns-openSUSE

the stuff for the installation media are the files below /CD1 directory. The
other packages are the pattern packages.

You can checkout and run bs_productconvert locally, no need to run an entire
obs for

git clone
git submodule init
git submodule update
cd src/backend
cp BSConfig
./bs_productconverter /$PATH/your.product /tmp/TEST

You will find all generated files in /tmp/TEST

The -release pakcages are just there to indentify the installed products
in the installed system. Without access to any repo.

3) A bunch of packages depend on openSUSE-release package, or anyone
providing distribution-release resolvable.
But what would be the goal of add-ons release packages ? Just to
indicate that a particular product is installed ?

Yes. And to define which base product it needs.

Ok, but why when installing a new product, by using YaST "Add-on
Products" module, we get the patterns tab of YaST's "Software
Management" module ? I mean, what would be the semantics of installing
a product ? Install all packages or some pattern(s) provided by the
product ? I'm just wondering what would trigger (or justify) the
installation of release package ...

A product is installed when the -release package is installed.
That one may require other packages to be installed (or patterns via the
pattern rpm).
It is not necessary to install all packages from that media.

have fun :)

Adrian Schroeter
SUSE Linux Products GmbH
email: adrian@xxxxxxx
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