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[opensuse-buildservice] Adding a distribution support from scratch

I'd like to add support for Pardus to OBS. Pardus is not an RPM based
distribution, it has its own package format and packaging tools.

I've been digging around the internet, openSUSE portal and gitorious for
a few days but I can't really find a documentation.

So we have,

OSC - the client
OBS - the build service
build - build script which builds RPM packages in a sandbox

I'm planning to use the provided OBS appliances to add support for
Pardus packages instead of preparing whole build-service related
packages for Pardus from scratch. So the host will be an openSUSE OBS
appliance for now, not Pardus.

From what I've understand, that OBS appliance should be able to build
Pardus packages on its own. So I'll have to port the related tools and
dependencies to that environment first. That's not a big issue, it's
just preparing a few RPM packages and installing them over openSUSE.

The hard part is to teach the OBS how to build Pardus packages. Should I
prepare a functionally equivalent build script for Pardus similar to
what rests at:

Finally, is the whole process of giving support for Pardus packages
feasible? Is the build service and the lower layers are modular/flexible
enough to add that support or will this be too invasive for a non-RPM


Ozan Caglayan

Pardus Linux
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