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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] ppc, ppc64?
* Ann Davis (andavis@xxxxxxxxxx) [20110503 17:58]:

On a separate issue... whenever I reply to a message on this list, the
reply goes to the sender rather than to the list (if I do "Reply All",
then the reply goes to the sender and CC's the list). Is this correct?

Yes, that is correct as long as the ml setup doesn't change the Reply-To
header field to point to the list.

Should I manually make my replies just go to the list?

I guess gw doesn't have a reply-to-list function as many other MUAs like
kmail or mutt have. In that case your only option is manual change.

Other lists that I'm on seem to force replies to go back to the list.

Yes, those modify Reply-To to point to the list. There are good arguments
for and against doing that.


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