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[opensuse-buildservice] KVM builds on encrypted HDD

When attempting to build with kvm having the host partition
encrypted...the following happends

processing specfile
running changelog2spec --target rpm --file
init_buildsystem --cachedir /var/cache/build --prepare --rpmlist
ccache ...
copying packages...
reordering...cycle: libcrack2 -> cracklib
breaking dependency libcrack2 -> cracklib
booting kvm ...
/usr/bin/qemu-kvm -no-reboot -nographic -net none -kernel /boot/vmlinuz
-initrd /boot/initrd -append root=/dev/vda panic=1 quiet no-kvmclock rw
elevator=noop console=ttyS0 init=/.build/build -drive
-hda /home/cristian/abuild/openSUSE_Factory-x86_64/img -drive
-smp 8
doing fast boot
Creating device nodes with udev
Volume group "system" not found
*** Note: only US keyboard layout is supported.
*** Please ensure that the password is typed correctly.

(hangs for a minute or two)

Waiting for device
/dev/disk/by-id/ata-INTEL_SSDSA2M080G2GC_CVPO016102AB080JGN-part2 to
appear: ..............................Unlocking cr_sdb2
Device /dev/disk/by-id/ata-INTEL_SSDSA2M080G2GC_CVPO016102AB080JGN-part2
doesn't exist or access denied.
resume device not found (ignoring)
Waiting for device /dev/vda to appear: ok
fsck from util-linux 2.19
[/sbin/fsck.ext4 (1) -- /] fsck.ext4 -a /dev/vda
(build continues successfully)

Of course the partition where the build is being setup is already
mounted and accesible..any idea how to workaround this ?

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