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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] missing build dependencies
On 2011-04-20 17:42:44 -0500, Praveen_Paladugu@xxxxxxxx wrote:

In our Private OBS (version 2.1.0), I created a Download on Demand project =
(DoD_Prj) and am installing some of the packages in a VMDK appliance.
The remote repository I am using is
A_6.4/platform_independent/suse11_64/. I am trying to install some of the p=
ackages in the payloads directory. Some of these packages have dependencies=
on packages like dell_ie_bmc in the ie_modules directory.

Now the problem is, obs is able to pick up the packages from the payloads d=
irectory. But it complains none of the repositories provides the packages =
dell_ie_bmc although it is available in the repository. What could be going=
wrong here?
Hmm can you post the concrete "unresolvable" error? From a quick
glance at the primary.xml.gz it's probably related to the fact that
the noarch package "dell_ft_install" requires the i386 package
"dell_ie_bmc" (but the rpmmd parser ignores iX86 packages if the
specified arch is x86_64).

I have been trying to get to the exact function which computes the dependen=
cies and verifies their existence in available repositories.

If someone could point me to the file/function which handles these features=
it would be of great help.

The rpmmd/primary.xml parsing is done in the backend/Meta/

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