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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Re: [opensuse-packaging] distro independant rpms and debs for distro independant data?
2011/4/7 Rémy Garrigue <remy.garrigue@xxxxxxxxx>:
For cross-distro, what I'm personnaly doing is enabling a repository for
each distro I'm interested in (Fedora_14, openSUSE_11.3, openSUSE_11.4,
etc.). OBS will publish the resulting rpm in a distro-specific repo, like
this for example:
If that's just data, there should be no complication for your stuff to
package for each distributions.

That's the way I do it too, but it makes OBS work extra hard without
need, and it also multiplies storage requirements. Not to mention a
proxy's ability to cache (the proxy won't know all the rpms are

Granted, from previous responses, I think my data packages aren't
entirely distribution-independent. Namely, I think I'm using a few
distro-dependent macros, but that could probably be worked out.
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