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[opensuse-buildservice] distro independant rpms and debs for distro independant data?

This question concerns both the OBS and packaging so I am sending to both

I am currently working on packaging the Swiss Ephemeris

I am currently at the planning scheming and experimentation stage.

First I will do the library. But then there is the data. The data is about 60
files not all of which will be wanted by all people. There may be ways of
grouping but I am not sure. Perhaps one rpm per file. The Web page says:
For this extended timespan the ephemeris requires 32 Mbytes of ephemeris

It would be a shame if this had to repeat for each distro. There may be other
projects with even more data.
This data is distro and architecture independent.
I understand that there should be different rpm per distro because different
distros link libraries differently and do other details differently.

There could be rpm version dependencies. Perhaps one distro can not understand
rpms from another distro as raw data.

My question is this is there a lowest common denominator rpm format that can
represent pure data (and a few text licensing files) and be understood by all

How would you get the build service to produce such rpms?

After you produced them how would you get the build service to serve them for
all rpm based distros?

Same question for debs and the debian based distros?

Unrelated question: a while back OBS debian binary repositories were debian
compatible but the source repositories were not. Is this still true?

Paul Elliott 1(512)837-1096
pelliott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PMB 181, 11900 Metric Blvd Suite J Austin TX 78758-3117
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