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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] OBS team meeting
Quoting Adrian Schröter <adrian@xxxxxxx>:

server reliabilty

api/build.o.o has a number of issues atm:

* It had an unfriendly admin (adrian) who messed up the config this night.
he wears a brown paper bag.

Pciture? Webcam? :)

* iChain remains to block connections, we work parallel on
- fixing the issue
- workarounding the issue for api.o.o
- getting a long term solution

Thanks for looking into that one. It starts to be really bad. Luckily, we are not just ahead of a new release and thus are not that much under time pressure (we as openSUSE... of course other teams / groups are just at a release :))

OBS 2.1.7 release

Current OBS 2.1.6 fails to build against remote projects of OBS 2.3 servers,
when projects use new features like locking, releasetarget or special project types.

We will release to 2.1.7 to support building against such projects.

this is highly appreciated as well. Looking forward to get the updates!

Anyway: don't let yourself down by some errors and keep up the good work! I just showed our processes yesterday to some 'alternative' distribution contributor and he was highly impressed by OBS.

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