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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Re: Retrieving package version numbers
On 16:59 Mon 04 Apr 2011, Adrian Schröter wrote:
(small note, it is not the lighttpd setup, but the public controller)

Please never ever use /public, it is just for remote OBS instances
and may change at any time.

It is not part of official api.

That's unfortunate, is there any reason why this cannot be made
publically accessible?

Yes, the api is for developers in first place. We do not want to have
random load (and some requests can create a lot load) on our server
without control about it.

So we may abadone /public and ask our remote instances to use at login
at some point of time.

Claiming it "is not part of the official API" is funny. The _third_
sentence in the API docs[1] reads:

"The /public routes are also accessible as anonymous user."

If the plan is to remove /public and replace it with per application
accounts in the near future please document it. I was planning on
building a small application on top of it this week.



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