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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Options to use 'mknod' in OBS?
On 2011-03-31 15:38:13 -0600, Troy Telford wrote:
I'm working with a bit of legacy code that's apparently writing
files manually for an initial ramdisk (initrd).

In its makefile, it's using 'mknod -m 660 tty1 c 4 1'

This causes issues with OBS, as mknod doesn't work for non-root users, IIRC.

I know OBS executes builds as user 'abuild', and it makes sense to
me to have a nonprivileged user doing the build.

Since running builds as root is verboten, what options do I have to
build this package with OBS?

(Note: I am using my own OBS server/build nodes, not

from the %files section in aaa_base.spec

%attr(660,root,disk) %dev(b,7,0) /lib/udev/devices/loop0

so patch out the mknod from the make file and replace them with %dev
lines in the %files section



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