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[opensuse-buildservice] A bug of maintaining meta data of linked project?

Currently MeeGo uses process of submitting change like devel->T:T->Trunk. T:T
is a linked project of Trunk. So we maintain devel meta data in Trunk rather
than in T:T.

For those packages with no changes in T:T(it means exactly same as Trunk,
physically not exist as well in T:T), its metadata is exactly same as Trunk ,
then everything would be fine; But once there are changes accepted into
Trunk:Testing, the metadata was also changed so devel relationship get lost as
well. Look at below metadata for connman and ofono in T:T:
Connman has No queuted changes in T:T, even project is set Trunk
<package project="Trunk" name="connman">
<title>Connection Manager</title>
<description>Connection Manager provides a daemon for managing Internet
within embedded devices running the Linux operating system.

<devel project="devel:connectivity" package="connman"/>
<person role="maintainer" userid="nashif"/>
<person role="bugowner" userid="martin"/>

Ofono has queued changes in T:T, now meta is like below
<package project="Trunk:Testing" name="ofono">
<title>Open Source Telephony</title>
<description>Description: %{summary}


So seem sr acceptance get meta data ruined of T:T. I suggest sr acceptance just
copy package data, not meta data. Comments?


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