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[opensuse-buildservice] Project Home for openastro.

Could there be a main project for "Astrology" with sub projects for and maitreya, and could I (pelliott11) be made the packager
owner of and maitreya?

By making astrology a main project one avoids the political question about
what the proper classification of astrology is.

Alternatively, astrology could be made a sub-project of "Graphics". No matter
what one's opinion of astrology everyone has to agree that astrology programs
produce graphical output. I see that the's upstream authors have
also used this diplomacy. They have filed their menu for openastro under

But may be this is wrong because I see that "Graphics" is a development
project for OpenSuse:Factory and I intend to package openastro and maitreya
for all the distros I can.....

Thank You.

On Monday, January 17, 2011 06:57:31 pm Paul Elliott wrote:
My program peless has existed for a long time now. I was thinking that if
it were a main project users could get it from "get software" without
first setting search options.

I have also packaged Pelle van der Scheer's program If it
were a main project or a subproject of a main project people could get it
without setting search options. Perhaps there should be a main project
called "astrology" and openastro be a subproject, because I am also
thinking about packaging a another program called Maitreya.

If there were an project for both I and perhaps
Malcolm <malcolm_lewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> could be packagers for it since
Malcolm was the first to package openastro on the buildservice. Also the
author, Pelle van der Scheer <pellesimon@xxxxxxxxx>, if he has a
buildservcie account and wants to be involved.

What is the procedure for starting a main project?

Paul Elliott 1(512)837-1096
pelliott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PMB 181, 11900 Metric Blvd Suite J Austin TX 78758-3117
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