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[opensuse-buildservice] Re: Is the web ui server experiencing a dos attack?
On 02/05/2011 11:17 PM, Dave Plater wrote:
Hi, jfyi although it's damned irritating but I can live with it.
Sometimes when I get a glitch in my internet connection, the web ui
loads a page that looks like it was optimised for lynx and when I reload
the page all is well again. Now atm it's permanent and very difficult to
use. Just when I'm juggling two pairs of packages gst plugins bad needs
to test build with mjpegtools not too bad because I can see that the
correct version has built. Blender's local test build need an updated
openCOLLADA to build as well. I should try lynx and see what it looks like.

Jokes aside, in case no one is aware there's something wrong somewhere,
in the firefox status bar I see an oscillation between (can't read it
properly it's too quick) "connecting to" and "waiting for
static" normally I see a quick "connecting to"
then a sometimes slow waiting for "static" and after that a
page load message which doesn't happen atm.
There's still the command line so I'll survive, oh yes I forgot lynx,
maybe I can work in midnight commander never tried it before.
Dave P

Ok it's not just the build service, opensuse weekly news is also sick,
the translation wiki which I clicked on by mistake works, testing - that works and it has style sheets. Now everything works.
Thanks for fixing it so quickly, hope you shot the hacker that caused it
down in flames.
Dave P
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