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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Proposed OBS rename / + BRETZN name

I believe on this at least... without a strong user base, we might not
become attractive enough for developers to use OBS to distribute their
software, because our user base isn't large enough. Maybe what
developers love is probably that everyone picks their software and use
it? Maybe that's the missing link.

That reads as if you assume OBS is not successful.  I feel the opposite.


Nah, I might have picked the wrong example, or at least a misleading
one. OBS is successful, that's the main reason why I think that
repositioning it now wouldn't bring us any good and would probably
demand a huge set of resources/budget not to loose what OBS team has

On a very straight way, I think the base line of OBS promotion should
actually start with OBS power users, because they are the ones which
can highlight what makes devs tinkle and happy. Those are probably the
best topics to promote it (alongside with some metrics for a more
professional thing).

It is very hard for none tech people to get the soul of it. From my
experience with OBS, I would translate OBS in a single word:
ADDICTIVE. After your first package gets a positive review and hits
Factory, you want to pump some more... you feel that you are a bit of
openSUSE. This is the reason why I went the road of the Ubuntu
Indicators and eventually Unity (which is a major pain).

From my side, my motivation came from the very positive feedback of
people regarding the work and the addiction of despite not being a
technical person, I can do something for openSUSE through OBS.

Not going on openSUSE vs Ubuntu distro wars, both are far too
different and with different positioning/goals. There's nothing to
compare, if I could shape openSUSE at my own will, I would reposition
it as a content service platform, not just as a desktop or a server,
but as the platform that enables you to have any piece of free
software you could ask for. But this is just my speculation ;)

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