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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Proposed OBS rename / + BRETZN name
On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 12:51 PM, Nelson Marques <nmo.marques@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 3:46 AM, Helen <postmodernhousewife@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I personally have mixed feelings about this - the fact that OBS has
openSUSE in its name helps to get the openSUSE name 'out there' as its
use becomes more popular, but I agree that there is a strong
implication for users that it is only for openSUSE. The other reasons
raised by Gumb are also valid ones.

OBS is the beating heart of openSUSE, I don't see any problem in
having 'openSUSE' on a platform as OBS.


What is being propused is called 'repositioning', this is one of the
hardest and most risky (if not the most risky at all) operation you
can do from a marketing perspective. No one takes lightly to change an
established brand name or service without a strong motive. None of the
motives seem strong enough, and the work should deployed in a
different way, but that not for me to decide.

I don't think that changing the name (specially when it has strong
roots in the industry already) will solve the problem around
attractivity to OBS. What can solve the attractive problem around OBS
is to increase exponentially (in a viral  way) the number of users of
the openSUSE.

Lets imagine an hypothetical situation based on 'Facebook' numbers,
since I don't have metrics for the userbase of openSUSE and Ubuntu
(official channels):


The openSUSE Build Service hosts 17,298 projects, with 115,652
packages, in 28,949 repositories and is used by 26,656 confirmed

I find those pretty impressive numbers. I hope the name stays where
it is with that proven level of success. (Remember, that's effectively
26,656 developers / contributors, because OBS is not used by typical
end users.)

One thing that is not shown and may not be known is the number of
private instances of the OBS are running out there. Maybe the number
of appliance downloads per release could be added to the above stats.

Ubuntu: 328275 likes on facebook
openSUSE: 2779 likes on facebook

If I was a developer to launch an application, I would probably choose
launchad/ubuntu because I knew before hand that Ubuntu would enable a
higher potential user base for my application. This is simple common

OBS can build/publish for ubuntu. I suspect that is why some want to
change the name.

In a very simple way we are in the content distribution world, we
distribute contents in the form of software. It's a service, it aims
for people, that's the very own minimum denominator here. So we should
actually look into a way of becoming more attractive to users and
investors, and a strategy for that can be delievering a higher number
of contents.

In a real sense, OBS is already very successful and getting more so.

For example... Ubuntu plays this well... from a simple package, they
create like 7/8 sub-packages, then they have over 32K packages as they
advertise (look at a screenshot of their Software Center and how they
explore this concept to brutalize users perception). Users who have
done some packaging or developed something, they know this is a fairy
tale and a 'marketing move', but for those without tech skills, they
might believe it's the best choice due to the ammount of packages
available, eventhough the largest part of them are futile for end
users... And when they eventually might realize it, they have already
a loyalty bond with Ubuntu and won't swap.

Are you suggesting openSUSE start advertizing 115,652 packages, in
28,949 repositories on the openSUSE Build Service!

As you say, it is highly misleading if one is really talking about why
choose openSUSE 11.4 vs. ubuntu.

OTOH, for a lot of developers, it is highly relevant to see OBS has so
much participation.

I believe on this at least... without a strong user base, we might not
become attractive enough for developers to use OBS to distribute their
software, because our user base isn't large enough. Maybe what
developers love is probably that everyone picks their software and use
it? Maybe that's the missing link.

That reads as if you assume OBS is not successful. I feel the opposite.

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