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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] OBS book writing

Hello Ann,

Am Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011, 13:04:09 schrieb Ann Davis:

On 1/18/2011 at 05:56 AM, in message

<20110118125629.2CBC33C539A9@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, Adrian Schröter<adrian@xxxxxxx>

Please speak up here if you want to write also some parts. Everything is
welcomed atm. And if something is incorrect (technical or language) we
will peer review it and fix it as second step.

I am interested in writing documentation about OBS and kernel module
packages. Specific topics:

- vs. build.o.o vs. private OBS instance: What is the
difference w/ respect to building kernel module packages? Which should a
developer choose? - how to use single source to build kernel module
packages for multiple distros. Some is covered in
eate-and-distribute-kernel-module-packages but it needs to be updated and
expanded. - any other specific OBS config stuff for building kernel module

That is great, I have added a chapter template for you for the best practice

Please get an berlios account and mail me your account name, so I can add you
to the committers.


Adrian Schroeter
SUSE Linux Products GmbH
email: adrian@xxxxxxx

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