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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] The disconnect
  • From: Robert Schweikert <rschweikert@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2010 14:52:31 -0400
  • Message-id: <4CD1AF6F.3080908@xxxxxxxxxx>

On 11/03/2010 10:15 AM, Greg Freemyer wrote:
On Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 4:17 PM, Robert Schweikert
<rschweikert@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Based on a mail on the packaging list I guess what I need to do to get
things into the distribution is to have another sr for the packages to
the openSUSE:Factory project. But, that I cannot do as I am not a
maintainer of devel:languages:perl. Now, I'd have to get added as a
maintainer in that project and then do an sr for perl-critic and
dependencies. Then rinse and repeat for any packages I might submit to
other top level projects.

Was the devel maintainer issue ever addressed in this thread?

Is it real or a red-herring?

Well, I have mixed results on that, first a failed attempt:

-> osc sr devel:languages:python python-boto openSUSE:Factory
Warning: failed to fetch meta data for 'openSUSE:Factory' package
'python-boto' (new package?)
Server returned an error: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden
No permission to create request for package 'python-boto' in project
'devel:languages:python', only maintainers can create requests.

And then a successful attempt:

-> osc sr devel:languages:perl perl-B-Keywords openSUSE:Factory
Warning: failed to fetch meta data for 'openSUSE:Factory' package
'perl-B-Keywords' (new package?)
created request id 52081

Note that I am not on the maintainers list for devel:languages:python or
devel:languages:perl. However, I am on the maintainers list for the
perl-B-Keywords package as I originally created this package and
submitted it to devel:languages:perl.

Thus, apparently we already do keep track of the "original" package
creator somewhere, and I have the permission to request the package to
be included in Factory. Thus, for a package I originally created it does
appear to just break down to having two SRs. Still don't like it, but
this cuts out all the stuff in the middle I am most concerned about.

However, for packages one is not the original creator, but that are
needed for dependency reasons there is a lot of work and poking around
to be done. I have to look at the list of maintainers for the given
project, then pick one lucky winner to deal with my issue and "beg" for
the package to be SRed to Factory. Maybe this is where we need some


This command then finds one of the SOURCE_PROJECT maintainers, or a "I
can fiddle with all the bits super user", or the original packager and
provides information to that user from the requester on why the package
is desired/needed in the TARGET_PROJECT.

Thus in my example it would be:

osc package-needed devel:languages:python python-boto openSUSE:Factory

The requester would provide "justification" why he/she wants the package
in the TARGET_PROJECT. If the original packager (or the randomly
selected project maintainer) is not willing to maintain this package in
the TARGET_PROJECT (raised as a concern in other e-mails about the
automatic mechanism) the requester must have some means to take over the
maintainer-ship of said package and thus get the package into the

While this still does not fall onto the extremely simple scale, such a
command would make it much easier when compared to the current effort
required. It is important after all that as a packager I respect other
packagers desire not to have their packages in :Factory or :Contrib.
However, if I am willing to take over the work of maintaining the
packages, then the other packager needs to be willing to have the
package pushed into :Factory or :Contrib.


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