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[opensuse-buildservice] obs branching question
  • From: Christian Daudt <csd_b@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 14:06:48 -0700
  • Message-id: <AANLkTinO+dyB9534z_HG_DdvZhDJmKvU4+gqXhtGCVD7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I just recently started using branches in obs, and to my surprise
when the parent branch (the source proj:pkg used in osc branch
command) gets an update, that is immediately pushes to the branches.
This branching is not like the others :-( - i.e. unlike any version
control in which the origin->child merge is done on demand, not
auto-initiated. The problem that I see with this is that developing on
the branch becomes a bit like building on quicksand, since you never
know when the ground is going to shift on you. I have a little build
script which uses the same patchname ("current.patch") while I'm
developing a mod but not yet ready to commit to a name for the patch,
and this is causing the children branches to get broken whenever I
update the origin (since at that time the update "current.patch" gets
pushed to the children and causes all of the children to break due to
a merge conflict in this "current.patch" file).
Is there a way to change this behaviour so that a branch reflects the
state of the origin when the branch was created, and doesn't
auto-update? I do plan to change my script so that it uses a more
random name for the patch, but I would still prefer to use the
non-auto-push behaviour in case it's available.

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