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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] OBS Stage Web-Interface
On Wed, 2010-04-21 at 06:28 -0500, Johannes Weberhofer, Weberhofer GmbH
1) In is it possible to split the breadcrumbs at the top into several
links? That would make navigation between projects much simpler:

Current Breadcrumb:Build Service> Projects> home:weberho:kernel-modules
> intel-e1000e Suggested Breadcrumb: Build Service> Projects> home>
weberho> kernel-modules> intel-e1000e

We will work on the bread crumb before 2.0 - not sure your suggestion is so
good though, as 'home' is a project namespace, while 'home:weberho' is a
project. This might be more confusing. We discussed making parent projects
sub links, but didn't yet play around with ways to display that information.

The other think I thought of was having the text
"home:weberho:kernel-modules" which provides three different links (to
home,home:weberho andhome:weberho:kernel-modules)

I discussed that options with Adrian at BrainShare. The problem he
brought up is link confusion as it's not immediately obvious that which
portion of the link you click on matters. Not everyone's going to parse
that there's no link under the : so

---- ------- --------------

People may not get that they need to click kernel-modules to get to
home:weberho:kernel-modules and not the other parts of the package name.

I think it's a good system, but the UI needs to be intuitive for first
time users without a lot of head scratching about the links aren't going
where they expect.

Hmm... if we added the appropriate a:hover css for the links it would be
more obvious then since the words would highlight.

2) Viewing a project I see the following links after the breadcrumbs:

Packages | Repositories | Monitor | Advanced

I'd like to see a link like "Project" (or "Overview") at the beginning
which displays the projects's overview; the same is valid for the
package's view which is currently:

Files | Repositories | Attributes | Users

a "Package" link (or "Overview") at the beginning would be nice, too

It's the location, I have searched for it before I knew where to find it. All
options within projects/packages can be reached at this line, but not the
activation of the overview page, so it's "surprising" to find it only within
the the breadcrumbs.

Also, this is the only page I have seen so far where the last link in the
breadcrumbs line is active. On all other pages this link is inactive. So it
would only be consistent to move the link down...

Best regards,

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