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RE: [opensuse-buildservice] [PATCH 1/2 for build] Support remote repo
  • From: "Yang, Yi Y" <yi.y.yang@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 09:15:22 +0800
  • Message-id: <FC2FB65B4D919844ADE4BE3C2BB739AD1DE7EA22@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On 2010-03-26, at 11:05 AM, Ludwig Nussel wrote:

Anas Nashif wrote:
Just to clarify why this is needed:
At the moment, build already supports building local packages without obs
access and without osc using a local, on disk rpmmd repository. Without OBS
and osc if you want to build a package, you need a full mirror of a distro,
or at least it is not flexible enough, since you would need to always have
the needed rpms ready for build in a local directory.

Not anymore. Build can use zypp repos :-) Only the metadata which is
cached by zypp anyways needs to be local.

Yeah, but not everyone has zypp, Yet...

If a user is using Fedora, he/she can't get zypper, this patch can meet his/her
requirements on Fedora. :-)

This patch makes it possible to point build to a remote repo and the build
script would download the needed packages, on demand. Is this a
of osc build? Maybe, if you have osc and if the distro you want to build
is hosted in obs, but the scenario this fix addresses assumes you have no
and the distro you are building for, i.e. it might be an old snapshot, is
in obs and the user has no account on obs...

Makes sense? Is the patch acceptable?

Sure. It lacks a way to refresh the metadata though. Also, gpg
metadata checks are probably a good idea if build downloads stuff
itself. That's where it gets more complicated though...

Metadata will be refreshed when you run build, yes, to check gpg is necessary.
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