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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] How can I publish MS Windows installer MSI packages?
I would think since it's rpmbuild that's reading the spec and producing
the rpms at the core of a spec build that you're always going to have to
produce rpms since the build service isn't modifying rpmbuild at all.
Maybe some convention (say in the Provides fields) could be adopted so
that the buildservice bs_sched daemon or bs_publish daemon knows that
the rpm contains an msi and that it should crack open the rpm and
publish the msi separately.

On Fri, 2009-12-18 at 07:58 -0600, Hib Eris wrote:

I am using the openSUSE build service to build a MS Windows installer
package for the Evince Document Viewer (evince.msi) on the openSUSE
build service, running the build commands from a .spec file.

I have got this working quite well, but now, my problem is, where to
put the resulting evince.msi file. Normally, the resulting binaries of
a .spec file are put into rpm packages that are then published by the
build service.

Of course, I can put the evince.msi file into a rpm package as well
and let the rpm package be published by the build service. But because
MS Windows(-users) cannot handle rpm packages, this is not very
usefull. I would like to publish msi files, not rpm files with msi
files in it.

Is this possible and/or can the build service be adopted to publish
*.msi files resulting from a .spec file build?

Kind regards,

Hib Eris

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