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[opensuse-buildservice] New osc 0.124 release
  • From: Adrian Schröter <adrian@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2009 09:01:49 +0100
  • Message-id: <200912100901.49907.adrian@xxxxxxx>


we put out the new osc version 0.124 release in the openSUSE:Tools project.

The version has a hughe changelog, in addition it fixes also the regression of
product building. Using this osc and the new build.rpm from same project you
can build products now faster than ever via

osc build images i586 --linksource

I want to push out this release also a official maintenance release again in
1-2 weeks. Solving esp. the problems of authentification problems of 0.120.

So please report here any regression, I am not away of any.

Please ask here also when you need further informations about the changes:

have fun

- added 'osc bugowner' as a more intelligent version of 'osc maintainer -B'
- added option '-B' to osc maintainer, prints bugowner OR maintainer.
- added 'osc req help' as convenience alias to 'osc help req'.
- 'osc in' to be done. Its usage just prints a suggested zypper command line.
- give better hint how to use osc vc without network connectivity.
- added printing of cache statistices to osc build
- support http proxies when using python 2.6 or newer (#551004)
- partial fix for checkout problems (bnc#551147)
- fixed #477690 ("osc fetching binaries really slow")
- osc jobhistory accepts also "prj [pkg] repo arch" now
- osc buildinfo accepts now also "prj pkg repo arch [spec/dsc]"
- osc buildconfig accepts now also "prj pkg repo arch"
- fixed warning messages regarding SSL certificate on some plattforms
- support submit requests on project level, osc is checking which packages
have changed and submits only the changed after asking back.
- show worker/id on jobhistory and make it faster by adding a default limit
of 20
- add "osc build --root" option to allow to specify build root directory
- add "osc build --release" option to allow to specify a package release
- added osc mv command which can rename file and leave them under version
- added new commands "dependson" and "whatdependson" to find out which
packages get
triggered before checkin/request accept.
- add new "osc build --linksource" option, speeds up esp. image building a
- add "osc triggerreason" command to show detail reason, why a package got
triggered for build
- Incompatible changes:
* osc se now prints Project Package, instead of Package Project
for easier copy&paste.
* osc se uses exact search by default. Use osc se -s for
substring search
* osc repourls neither needs nor accepts a path to a package
working dir anymore
* osc repo neither needs nor accepts a path to a package or
project working dir anymore
# Features which require OBS 1.7
- search: allow to limit results via existing attibutes
- added "osc meta attribute" for basic attribute creation, deletion, showing
and value setting
- implement "osc mbranch" call to create projects with multiple source
package (instances)
- new "osc patchinfo" command: basic patchinfo generation and modification
- add support for _patchinfo package submissions in "osc sr" on project level
- support review handling of requests (new "osc review accept/decline
$REQUEST_ID" command


Adrian Schroeter
SUSE Linux Products GmbH
email: adrian@xxxxxxx

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