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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Important osc version 0.119 release !
  • From: Marcus Rueckert <darix@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 15:18:48 +0200
  • Message-id: <20090616131848.GT17824@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On 2009-06-16 15:13:45 +0200, Adrian Schröter wrote:
The new osc version 0.119 is released and available in the openSUSE:Tools
It comes with a new build script package as well.

You will need this version of osc to handle new kinds of requests, which will
come soon to So an update is highly recommended.

This release has a lot of fixes and new features, but also some argument
changes compared to former releases. We decided to do these changes to have a
more consistent UI and to avoid conflicts in the future.

However, osc always tells you when you use a command in a no longer supported
way and points you to the new command. Find a list of changes at the bottom
this mail.

Main Features/Bugfixes

osc request:
osc now supports multiple kinds of requests (needs OBS version
1.7, will get upgraded soon). You can create requests with
the following commands:
* osc submitrequest (or just "osc sr")
* osc submitrequest DESTPRJ [DESTPKG]
* osc deleterequest PROJECT [PACKAGE]

And there is one new command that deals with all kind of requets:
* osc request list [-M] [PRJ [PKG]]
* osc request log ID
* osc request show [-d] [-b] ID
* osc request accept [-m TEXT] ID
* osc request decline [-m TEXT] ID
* osc request revoke [-m TEXT] ID

osc build:
* Image building now uses the correct pool of packages
* plain "osc build" command now picks a correct repository

Package tracking has now been enabled by default. That means you can do all
kind of local changes in a checked out project with multiple packages and
submit them all together in one step. This includes adding new packages or
deleting them.

You can find a more detailed list, including all smaller changes in the
file of the osc package.

Command UI changes

osc submitreq create -> osc submitreq
osc submitreq accept/decline/show/revoke -> osc request accept/...
osc submitreq delete -> osc request wipe
osc deletepac -> osc delete or osc rdelete
osc deleteprj -> osc rdelete
osc rlog -> osc log
osc rprjresults -> osc prjresults
osc rresults -> osc results
osc req -> osc api
osc rebuildpac -> osc rebuild

Download URL

We plan to make an official update of osc and build for former distros. It
will include either this version or the next one.

Btw, it is really great that we get more and more contributors to osc lately.
This release would not have been possible without the work of mvyskocil,
mcihar, dimstar, mmeeks, Ming Xi Wu, MartinMohring, Marcus Huewe, prusnak,
lnussel and some person I always forget (sorry in advance ;) !

Go on and make this your tool, only the users know it best ! ;)

so all the voice that raised concerns about this major break in the user
interface were just ignored, even though there was the statement there
will be a meeting to discuss this before a release?

this is a great way to listen to your community


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