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[opensuse-buildservice] New user intro & smx project
  • From: Erik Aronesty <erik@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 13:08:37 -0400
  • Message-id: <ccd588d90903161008n5e52e2f7o5f8a2063def54727@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Dear OBS Users,

(Following the tutorial mentioned posting a brief intro to the
opensuse-buildservice mailing list.)

I've been developing software for a while (20 years), in various and
sundry languages. I think my first major development project was a
Foxpro database for a law firm in NJ, done while majoring in CS so
that properly dates and places me.

I am a software developer, and one of the projects that I have been
working on a lot recently is called "SMX". It's a language for
developing websites that I like and I think other people, if they used
it, would also like.

In part by soliciting volunteers, I've gotten SMX to work on 32 and 64
bit versions Win32, Linux, BSD, and an older version was working on
Debian. I have since lost access to my Debian machine. Maintaining
access to various machines in order to run builds has been difficult
and I went looking today for some other way of doing it.

In 20 years, this is my first time that I've ever thought to seriously
need to compile a given project on many flavors of operating systems,
and I'm hoping that OBS is the right tool to help me there.

SMX is also a fairly "big" and "old" project (some code goes back to
1996) with many "optional dependencies", and other such configuration
messiness. I'm not sure if starting it as a "home project" is right,
or if I should just request to create it as "smx".

- Erik Aronesty
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