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[opensuse-buildservice] RFC: openSUSE:Dropped project
  • From: Lars Vogdt <lrupp@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2009 13:06:09 +0100
  • Message-id: <200903041306.10669.lrupp@xxxxxxx>
Hi there

Following the "Package foo needs new maintainer" resp. "Drop request for
package foo" mails on opensuse-packaging for a while. Community members
already asked for more details when a package is dropped from Factory.

So what about creating an "openSUSE:Dropped" project, where people can
find the latest source of a dropped package - and at least can get an
overview about currently dropped packages?

1) Packager sends drop request internally

2) Project manager agrees => drop package
^^^^^ Same as before.

3) the latest checked in package source (regardless if successful
building or not) is copied into the project openSUSE:Dropped
^^^^^ New - formerly we just moved the source to an internal backup
space and marked it as deleted in PDB.


4) People can always see, which formerly packages are removed from the
current Factory (and therefore will not be in the next release) looking
at the openSUSE:Dropped repository
5) Interested community packagers can use/copy the latest source from

Open questions:
1) Is this idea worth to be implemented?

2) What about packages with security problems? - Publishing should be
disabled for all packages in the openSUSE:Dropped repo. But is this

3) What to do with undropped packages?
* If a package is maintained by community - regardless of the project -,
should it be removed from openSUSE:Dropped?
* Should it be removed ONLY if the package is in openSUSE:Contrib?

Best solution for 2 (in my eyes) could be:
Community packager wants to maintain a dropped package
=> he builds it in his home-Project
=> he sends a request to the openSUSE:Contrib project
=> openSUSE:Contrib maintainers are also maintainers of openSUSE:Dropped
and can remove the package from openSUSE:Dropped as soon as it is
accepted for openSUSE:Contrib

With kind regards,
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