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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] How to use %debug_package
On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 06:28:55AM +0100, Cristian Morales Vega wrote:
2009/1/26 Matthias Bach <marix@xxxxxxxxx>:

Trying to be prepare some packages for contrib I stumbeled upon the problem
stripping the package of its debug information. Now I learned that install-
strip is not the way to go, as it will make it impossible to debug the
application, and I should use %debug_packges, as that will create a "-debug"
package with the stripped information.

Having added a line "%debug_package" to the spec-file now gives me a strip
package without using install-strip. It won't give me a "-debug"-package so,
caused by the following problem printed by osc-out.

Preparing packages for installation...
... running 01-check-debuginfo
... testing for empty debuginfo packages
! vorbisgain-debugsource-0.34-8.x86_64.rpm: no debug sources, deleting
! vorbisgain-debuginfo-0.34-8.x86_64.rpm: WARNING: this probably means the
debug information is invalid

Compare "osc meta prj home:TheMarix" and "osc meta prj
openSUSE:Factory:Contrib" outputs.
Contrib has a:

After adding it the BS will add %debug_package automatically to your
package. If you add %debug_package yourself the package will fail to
build in Contrib because of a duplicate -debug* package (or that was
the behavior last time I checked).

Correct - please do not use %debug_package for packages going to

Then I think you need to add "-g" to the build flags. The vorbisgain
makefile doesn't seems to add it and I'm not sure if the BS will add
it automatically when you add <debuginfo> (if doesn't, probably it should?).

If you use $RPM_OPT_FLAGS, the package is built with -g.

I've checked out theMarix:vorbisgain package. After replacing 'make
install-strip' with just 'make install' it builds fine.

If still in doubt, feel free to submit to Contrib - we can help you
with the remaining issues.

Best regards / s pozdravem

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