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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Minimal server
  • From: Richard Bos <ml@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 20:16:48 +0100
  • Message-id: <>

Op Thursday 13 November 2008 19:20:11 schreef Jan-Simon Möller:
The tutorial mentions aggregate vs. link, but I could not see how to
link a whole project using the web client.

If you want to use a whole project as base for your own packages, add it as
repository! Thats how is it done for all projects (openSUSE:11.0,
openSUSE:Factory - all are projects). Then _your_ project has a repository
derived/on top of e.g. Base:build. So the easy way would be:
* remove all the Base:build packages
* hit "Add Repository" ind your home and on the next page "[Advanced]"
* there you can select Base:Build as repository.
* now add your own packages to your home: - they will be build using the
stuff from Base:Build.

2 questions related to this:
- Am I correct that it is only possible to add 1 openSUSE version at a time?
So if I want to provide multiple repositories e.g. 10.3, 11.0 and factory,
this method has to be executed 3 times, is it indeed like this?

- Is it only possible to include (build against) 1 other repository? If I
want to build against (include) 2 other repositories (like e.g. the
hypothetical repositories devel:lang:perl and devel:lang:php), what would be
the best method?
- build against (e.g.) devel:lang:perl and aggregate the php ones (or the
other way around
- or just aggregate both
- something else?

Please keep in mind: every duplicate package is wasting space and
cpu-cycles. If you just import packages, but have no patch or other
changes, use _aggregate. If there's no change, why it should get rebuilt ?
(Thats what _link would do.)

Because of the confusing comment on the wiki
"Aggregate is possible, but slows down your build and requires double space.
Better build directly against the other repository."
I don't use aggregate.... Is the comment correct, about the slower builds and
double file space???? As the packages are already build, I would expect that
aggregated are not build at all.
Is the table perhaps missing a row with "build against other repository" or if
this is possible, build against multiple repositories?

Richard Bos
We are borrowing the world of our children,
It is not inherited from our parents.
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