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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] packagecache cleanup
On 2008-08-27 11:31:19 +0200, Wolfgang Rosenauer wrote:

I was just wondering what people do to cleanup the local osc packagecache?
Especially for openSUSE:Factory one will end up with quite some versions
of the same package over the years since osc is currently not wiping old
IMHO osc should do that since it knows best when a newer version has to
be downloaded.

Yes it shouldn't be too hard to add such a feature to osc but it will also
mean that this will slow down "osc build" because we have to parse
all rpms in osc's packagecachedir everytime "osc build" is called...
So I would rather suggest to add something like a "--wipe-old" option so that
it won't be the default. I'll have a look at it:)

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