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[opensuse-buildservice] NEW: up-to-date OpenVZ kernels at 'Virtualization:OpenVZ' BS project
  • From: Jean-Baptiste Giraudeau <jbgiraudeau@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 12:29:22 +0100
  • Message-id: <1216812562.25205.5.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hello all of you, virtualization addicts!

OpenVZ is container-based virtualization for Linux

It's been quite a while since any OpenVZ kernel package shows up on the
Build Service. SLES10 2.6.16 kernel is still maintain by the OpenVZ team
but openSUSE users had it hard getting newer OpenVZ kernel running
without giving up on Suse kernel configuration and patches.

So here comes the new 'Virtualization:OpenVZ' project hosted on BS.
It aims at providing recent openvz kernel builds while being as close as
possible to the original Suse kernel ABIs and default configurations.

Some trade-offs had to be made though. Most notably, Apparmor patches
could not accommodate with OpenVZ ones. I suspect this would take a
significant amount of work and testing to get them both.

Two OpenVZ kernels has been packaged:
- 2.6.24 -> Virtualization:OpenVZ:STABLE sub-project,
available repositories : SLE_10, openSUSE_10.3 and openSUSE_11.0.
- 2.6.26 git -> Virtualization:OpenVZ:HEAD sub-project,
available repositories : openSUSE_11.0 and openSUSE_Factory.

Appropriate administration tools are included in each repository.
Packages are:
kernel-ovz-default, kernel-ovz-pae, kernel-ovz-debug
vzctl, vzquota,
linux-kernel-headers, kernel-ovz-source.

OpenVZ requires templates to create containers. You can find some of
them at or create
one yourself (search openvz wiki). I will soon add an openSuse 11.0
template in the 'Virtualization:OpenVZ' repository.

Also you need IPv6 enabled (use Yast) to load required openvz kernel

Last but not least, please consider those packages at beta stage.
Comments/bug reports are greatly appreciated.

Especially I would be grateful to any experienced kernel packager who
would have a look at Virtualization:OpenVZ:HEAD/kernel-source and the
set of diff applied to Kernel:HEAD/kernel-source and tell me if I did
commit any 'spec file blasphemy'.

Project homepages:

have a lot of fun!

-Jb. G

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