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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] osc submitreq tries to send a submission to the wrong project
On Sat, 2008-07-12 at 01:01 +0200, Peter Poeml wrote:
On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 03:59:22PM -0500, Michael Wolf wrote:

I'm trying to use osc branch and osc submitreq and am running into

osc branch appears to do the right thing:

osc branch openSUSE:Factory <gnome package>

tells me that <gnome package>'s development happens in GNOME:Factory,
and I end up with home:maw:branches:GNOME:Factory/<gnome package>, just
as expected.

I change and commit <gnome package>. When I do a submitreq , and then
try to do a submitreq, I see the following:

Sorry, but a different project, GNOME:UNSTABLE, is defined as the
place where development of the package gconf2 primarily takes place.
Please submit there instead, or use --nodevelproject to force direct

Exactly what I did is in the attachment.

Now, GNOME:UNSTABLE was where development took place, until a few days
ago. I made what I believe were the adequate and correct changes in the
internal pdb to change this, and the fact that osc branch works
correctly implies that I did.

So, what's the deal? Is there anything I missed?

First, a little explanation:

osc help says:
"For "create", there are two ways to use it. Either with a working copy
or without. If called with no arguments, osc will guess what to submit
where. If you don't have a working copy, you can give the respective
arguments on the commandline (see below for an example)."

With "will guess" it means that it will follow the link target if (and
only if) the package is a source link.

If the package is not a source link, the place where you wanna submit it
can't be guessed, so the arguments need to be given on the command line.

I hope this sheds some light.

Then, I see the following:

% osc meta pkg openSUSE:Factory gconf2 | grep devel
<devel project="GNOME:Factory"/>
% osc meta pkg GNOME:Factory gconf2 | grep devel
<devel project="GNOME:UNSTABLE"/>

OK, I assume this was an artifact of doing "osc copypac" when the devel
project was still GNOME:UNSTABLE.

Anyway, what's TRT here? Remove the devel project attribute from
GNOME:Factory/gconf2, or to change it to GNOME:Factory?


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