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[opensuse-buildservice] Searching for all packages that link to a package
  • From: Luke Imhoff <luke@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 10:27:12 -0500
  • Message-id: <1213889232.16281.30.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I want to add a function to the api (on my local
OBS), /search/links/<project>/<package>, that will return a collection
of all packages that have _links to <project>/<package> (or indirectly
link to <project>/<package> through multiple levels of _links). I want
this so that users can query for other build targets when testing with a
local build (e.g kernel-default is a link to kernel-source, so they
should test kernel-default too when making a change to kernel-source).
Right now I can accomplish this (pseudocode):

for project, package in API("/search/package"):
sources = API("/source/$project/$package")
linkinfo = sources.find("linkinfo")
linksTo = (linkinfo.get("project"), linkinfo.("package"))

This works, but to search for what links to a given package I need to
query all packages in the repository, which for our local instance is
only 63 right now, but with each /source/$project/$package query taking
0.241 seconds, it takes 15 seconds to do this query.

I'm hoping by doing it on the server it will be faster since there won't
be as much back and forth traffic and/or the data is more readily

My question is how do I go about adding this functionality, which files
do I change to add /search/links to the API? Also, is it possible to
use whatever the scheduler does to find linked packages since it somehow
finds linked package when I check in source? For example, I check in
kernel-source and both kernel-source and kernel-default (which is just a
link to kernel-source) start building so something is supplying linking
packages to the scheduler.

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