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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] ppc
  • From: Martin Mohring <martin.mohring@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 12:24:53 +0200
  • Message-id: <4858E275.6000402@xxxxxxxxx>
Peter Czanik wrote:

First of all: I just finished my first compile, thanks for all the
help! It is 'mad' from PackMan, this is always the first software I
compile for a new release :-)

Martin Mohring írta:
- use it in a way the original OBS is not configured yet (e.g. ppc)

This is exactly what I want: recompile projects for PPC.
Then we head for the right way.

But a local OBS needs compute power to do the compile jobs, the more
packages you want to compile at a time the better.

The MPC8610 I use is quite powerful, at least for a 32bit PPC machine.
And it will be even better, when I move the server to another machine
and add some RAM.
Was just asking...

Do you mean the remoteurl feature (e.g. reference a remote OBS system).
The problem with remote projects and build.o.o is that the main OBS
currently does not support ppc.

Even if I have PPC locally? Then can I check out a project from the
build.o.o, check it in locally and rebuild? That would be still
better, than to build each package in a project by hand...
remoteurl is just a feature to remotely address the binary packages and
the meta data in a project (e.g. you do not need to keep all the
compiled pkgs for Debian, Fedora, RHEL, SLES etc on you local OBS, but
you can compile against such a project). We discussed with Adrian
already about putting also the ppc binaries on there server. He replied
that it is intention to move the complete openSUSE Distro development to
the OBS, which means they need to provide the complete service for ppc
also on the build.o.o server. So providing the current distros with ppc
binaries would not help very much, they also need a ppc compile cluster
with appropriate power (the current x86 cluster has 128 compile nodes of
AMD Opteron power - the ppc machine would need about the same).

But I can provide you with a tool to copy complete projects with meta
data from one OBS to another. I will send you in a separate e-mail.


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