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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] End Of Life: SUSE Linux 10.1 and Fedora 6
On Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 02:01:38PM +0200, Dirk Stoecker wrote:
* SUSE Linux 10.1

Well, I have some hardware which simply refused to work under anything newer
than 10.0 . That already drove me crazy for days and days.

The minimum for such an announcement would be a timeline and enough
warning in advance. You still did not tell the timeframe we are talking about.

10.0 is end of live. Ok. Removing 10.1. Nah.
Nevertheless: Removing the base distribution for 10.0 I consider doing the
wrong thing. As long as my tools build against a distribution users should
be able to access and use it. I must admit, I thought that was what the
build service was designed for: Providing a platform for volunteers to
improve the software installation experience for their (und therefore YOUR)

This is 2 years old. Could we agree, that a server life cycle should be
something about 5 years?

Unfortunately, I'm forced to upgrade my (private) servers to 10.3
even... which will live only one more good year, before it's ditched.

The SLE10 target might help...

Instead of deleting the still used distributions and forcing everyone to
replace existing installations again and again, how about getting bigger

I was thinking it was one of the advantages of the buildservice that it
could make it possible to still build software for older products...

Yes! That's why I'm here and not compiling on different local machines, real or
virtual (as I did before). The build service is great for providing rpms for
old OS releases not found on my machines anymore.

Please define the project goals and make a clear decision about the
supported targets. This 5 minute before the end notices are not acceptable
for anyone using the BuildService in a more commercial sense.

Exactly. Those "I'll remove xy now" is not acceptable to the community.

Exactly. Not only for commercial use. I spread the * adress to
download rpms for the cummunity project I support in the believe
to overcome exactly the problem of saving old versions. If you switch to
"current release and factory"-mode the buildservice uses lots of potential
for my way of using it. I guess I'm not alone.

It makes the whole thing unpredictable, and makes it appear to be lead
in an arbitrary fashion.

And the last thing most people need is unpredictability.
The build service is a fantastic project, giving real value to the linux world.

Don't spoil it, please.
May be it's enough to stop mirroring (but keeping!) end-of-live products plus
introducing some kind of quota system?


I would like to see such things driven more by consensus.

"WARNING: This bug is visible to non-employees. Please be respectful!"

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