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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] build flags in web interface
  • From: John Pye <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2008 17:13:01 +1100
  • Message-id: <47AAA16D.4010002@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Andreas Bauer wrote:
John Pye wrote:

Hi Markus,

Marcus Rueckert wrote:

On 2008-02-05 18:51:20 +1100, John Pye wrote:

Sometime not far back a new thing was added to the web UI for OBS that
prevented 'complex' flag combinations to be used from the web interface.
I get an error like this:

"ERROR Your flag configuration seems to be too complex to be saved
through this interface. Please use OSC."

I would like to comment that the direct result of preventing web UI
users from disabling certain builds is that they will tend not to
bother, and your compile farm capacity will be needless wasted. If it's
possible, could I urge that the full flag functionality be restored, and
even better, could some clever javascript/AJAX be used to make these
flag settings more responsive -- they are quite slow to use at present
(and I imagine this might have been part of the reason for the above
'error' message).

there is nothing to be restored. complex disable/enable configs where
always the domain of osc.

Thanks for the reply. I'm a bit surprised by this, but perhaps I only
really started using fairly recently. Is it possible to explain how
exactly one comes up against this 'complexity' limit that is triggering
the error?

The cause of this message is flag configurations for non-existing
repositories. This always happens if you delete a repository for which
flags are set in the project metadata.

In this case the error message is wrong. My reading of the message was
that my setting of the flags was 'too complex' because I had set/unset
more options that the web GUI could tolerate.

A possible solution would be to make the webclient fix the flag
configuration automatically after deleting a repository.

I'm actually not sure that I did delete a repository. But if that's the
case, then yes, perhaps this needs to be implemented.

And on the aside: is a simple javascript/AJAX improvement to those flags
something that could perhaps be put on a TODO list at some point?

What do you mean by simple javascript/AJAX improvement?

Use case: I upload a new version of somepackage- tarball
to my somepackage package in my home projects on the OBS web UI. I make
some changes (using the Web UI) to the .spec file, in the hope that
nothing serious will happen. But in order to avoid overloading the
compile farm, I want to first check that my package works by just
compiling the package on the latest version of Fedora. I also want to
disable compilation in Ubuntu, because I haven't yet written the .dsc,
control, etc files. Once I get the RPM building on the latest Fedora, I
want to make RPMs for all the other distros, and then maybe start
working on the Deb packages.

Problem with the above is that the lag involved in clicking the flags
on/off (also: note that a implicitly enabled flag becomes explicitly
enabled before then, on a third click, becoming explicitly disabled:
these are in the wrong order). Maybe when you're at SUSE HQ this is
fast, but where I am (on a fast connection in Australia) it takes
several seconds to change each flag (and I need to change them twice as
noted). A good solution to this would be to use some asynchronous
javascript requests to set/unset the flags, rather than using what
currently looks like a page refresh (I might be wrong). In any case,
it's rather slow and in order to be 'usable', it needs to be faster.

Again, keep up the great work -- I'm really pleased that your service


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