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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Symbol in new BS webgui (package view)
  • From: David Mayr <dmayr@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 11:52:37 +0100
  • Message-id: <200612111152.37880.dmayr@xxxxxxx>
> second: the new search (which also accepts substrings) is very good!


> > Just a small comment about the new WebGui for the BS: I think the
> > icon next to the text 'Build Status' (the icon looks like a
> > 'refresh'). I expected it more to 'refresh' the view of the build
> > status than to trigger a rebuild (ok: I didn't have to click.. the
> > hover text was clear then).
> Agreed, this icon is indeed confusing. And I'm afraid it could cause
> lots of unneeded triggered rebuilds :-(
> Please try to find a better icon for "trigger rebuild" that does not
> look like a "refresh" icon. (Maybe you can use the blue rack-wheel that
> is also used for enabled builds in enable/disable building.)

I changed the icon (in SVN, not yet deployed) to the one kdevelop uses for
rebuilding a project. I hope this is one better ...

> - add "trigger rebuild" icons to every target to rebuild a specific
> target only

Done (in SVN, not yet deployed).

> - the "enabled" icon in enable/disable building is meant as a good idea,
> but IMHO too eye-catching. Maybe icons for disabled targets only would
> be enough. Or use less flashy icons for active targets.

I made the "enabled"-icons a bit more transparent / with reduced opacity.

> - the "help about..." dropdown should open the requested page in a new
> window. Otherwise it's not unlikely to loose unsaved changes (for
> example spec file edits)

Links are now opened in a new window.

David Mayr,
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