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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] GNOME:community [WAS: New project: usr-local-bin]
  • From: James Ogley <james@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 09 Nov 2006 08:43:16 +0000
  • Message-id: <1163061796.5351.9.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I guess that GNOME:UNSTABLE should be 2.17.x or so and GNOME:STABLE
> 2.16.x or so. I can add you to the group.

That would be great. In theory then, but GNOME:STABLE and
GNOME:UNSTABLE can be ahead of whatever is in the current release
version of [open]SUSE, even if only in terms of minor release number

GNOME:community then would allow community members (and remember, that
includes staff) to build and host packages that do not currently, or
simply will not ever, form part of the core [o]S GNOME install. It
could then form a handy staging area for packages that may in future be
included in the distro as well.

Shall I create the GNOME:community project then? Would you (Stanislav,
Gary, Rodrigo) like to be added to the group for it?

> Yes, that's a problem. For example FACTORY now has stable branch, but we
> are after version upgrade freeze. In development phase it is OK to keep
> both in sync (or even sync with GNOME:UNSTABLE), but now it would be no
> more possible (if GNOME:STABLE will exist and be complete).

So maybe GNOME:[UN]STABLE needs to have a FACTORY repo as well as the
other ones. That way even once FACTORY itself is in version freeze,
people using FACTORY can still use the updates in the BS.

> I am sorry, I planned to sync many packages from FACTORY to GNOME: but
> did not yet find enough time to fix failures and other issues.

That's okay, I imagine you're very busy. I still think it makes more
sense for you to do the importing since you have access to autobuild.
Once packages are imported, I can work on getting them to build
(starting with glib2) and keeping them up to date.
James Ogley
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