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[opensuse-buildservice] newby questions
  • From: Andreas Jellinghaus <aj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 21:46:03 +0200
  • Message-id: <45119A7B.7030801@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

as a real newby I have lots of questions, maybe you can answer some of these?

a) on the web page - why no add all for adding all distributions? would
simplify it for most users

b) adding the same distribution twice by accident gives an sql error.
maybe you want to add code to does that check of handle the mistake
more graceful.

c) ubuntu edgy might be nice, so packages for the development
distribution can be created too. (ok, more of a feature request :)

d) is there a code name based selection system for building packages?
e.g. it would be nice if I could upload *.diff.gz.sarge *.diff.gz.dapper *.diff.gz.etch and *.diff.gz.edgy with slightly different content for debian sarge/etch and ubuntu dapper and edgy.
same again for rpm based distributions - while it might be a nice
long term project to look in depth what distributions does what changes
and why and how to merge them, as short term project it might be much
nicer to edit the spec files, upload a new version of a package and
get rebuilds without much work.

e) versioning updates: is there any automatic in place that will update the versions e.g. in spec files and debian changelog files? if I upload
mysoft 0.a.b+1, would I need to edit all spec files and diff.gz to manualy enter the new version or does some automatic this for me?
same with revisions, if dsc files or something is changed.

f) debian builds: debian has this habbit of renaming mypackage-0.a.b.tar.gz to mypackage_0.a.b.orig.tar.gz. do I need to upload the same file under both names, or will you take care of this with a symlink or rename for debian builds?

g) If I want to jointly develop packages with a group of people, we need
a non home: repository, right? and I need to ask here for approval before creating one?

h) if I guesses correctly at g) I'd like to have either "smartcard:"
or "opensc-project:" or "opensc:" for opensc, openct, libp11, engine_pkcs11, pam-p11, pam_pkcs11, gtkcard, pcsc-lite, libccid,
opensc-java and friends

i) opensuse buildservice is restricted to open source software as far
as I know. what about java addons, are they ok? specifically, if java
forces the author to sign them and to keep the signature key private?

at opensc-project we have a new project "opensc-java" which is a java crypto service (with smart cards via opensc as backend), and we needed
to go through all the hassle of signing it etc. so while the source code
is open source, it won't work with java unless signed. so our "build"
process would be more like uploading the binaries and only moving files
into place (or building from source, but the result wouldn't work at all, as we need to keep the signing key private).

h) are there any plans to add the metadata e.g. for debian package pools? (dist/ directory, "Package" files etc.)?

thanks for your help!

Regards, Andreas
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