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[opensuse-buildservice] namespace and spec-file enhancements
  • From: "Matthias G. Eckermann" <mge@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 15:26:53 +0200
  • Message-id: <20060724132653.GA4471@xxxxxxxx>

I'm more or less new to this list, but tried to study the WIKI
and the list-archive before issuing this proposal/questions:


1. Enhance Release Tag:

At the moment, the release-tag is automatically created as:
Release = <SPEC-Version>.<Rebuild>

I propose, to be able to add an additional "tag" to the release,
so that different packagers can be differentiated more easily
by the filename of the package.

Example: "xyz" and "mge" are both working on packages for
"iozone". By accident, both reach build-level "3.42".

An rpm-name of
is much better in this case.


2. Add "distribution" to rpm-filename

I know, that this is a somehow religious discussion, but I also
know, that some people are used to do this, e.g. Pascal Bleser:

I propose, to add a short-name of the distribution to each
binary (or noarch) RPM, i.e. all RPMs but the src-RPMs.



There is no need, to tweak the SPEC-files, if using something
like this in "~/.rpmmacros" (or wherever):

%TargetOS sles10
%_rpmfilename %%%{ARCH}/%{NAME}-%{VERSION}-%{RELEASE}.%{TargetOS}.%{ARCH}.rpm

I agree, that this is not necessary, if one uses only yum or the
like for updating a machine; but it becomes necessary, if you "by
accident" have a mixed local storage. (And "by accident" happens,
when you do not expect it, ...:-<)


3. The empty packager-tag is beeing worked on, as I read.


4. "Distribution"

I did not find any information, how the "Distribution" will
be look like. I guess, there are three options:

a) something "generic", like: " BuildService"
b) the corresponding distribution Tag, e.g. "SuSE SLES-9 (i586)"
c) free text

Is there a proposal / decision for that?

IMHO, "b)" would be bad, as it would make no difference between
offical $vendor-packages and BuildService packages, ...


Thanks for listening -
so long -

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