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[opensuse-buildservice] some iddea for the buildservice
  • From: "Jonathan Arson" <jonharson@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 02:52:59 -0400
  • Message-id: <7f5234d30607162352j1b68a9d7gf1e855faff8ce085@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Gonna post this here if its alright with everybody (gonna post it even if it

1: Cyclic deps:
As it is a package can trigger its own build by being newer (but the
buildservice wont and give a cyclic deps issue) in gnome there is some part
where this can hardly be avoided, basicly package X shouldnt be able to
trigger its own build. tricky part is that it also have to track what was
rebuild following this and ignore those for further rebuild too.

2: rpm/source backend:
More of a question here are those there to allow futur use of local
buildservice and sync those back to main server or is that some intern way
to specify where one build his stuff on the system? I was thinking of
installing a buildservice here once i get my new box then gonna be able to
see much more clearly what my client do, as well as being much more pratical
to build my stuff, i could prolly get my head arround doing some syncing
stuff myself, but would be much more easier if server did that already
(would allow peter to put it into his cli client too).

3: Add ProjectAdmin status to creator of project instead of Mainteneer:
Add the admin status (i was already making my client so multiple user type
can exist), user creating a project should be marked as admin and be allowed
to erase the project themself (don't beat me if it's already somewhere in
some todo but see too many people asking in here please erase this and

4: Add a Contributor user type:
Contributor should be allowed to edit a package in a project and only that
package not whole project.

that would be it for now.
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