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announcing packages
  • From: Marcus Rueckert <mrueckert@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 20:40:59 +0200
  • Message-id: <20060530184059.GA22045@xxxxxxx>

as we noticed in the namespace thread we always have the problem that we
can run into duplicated packages. i think we should try to avoid that as
much as possible.

lets cooperate. so i would like to suggest again:

1. announce newly created packages no this mailinglist.
if you needed to fork the package please mention why.

2. consider using the namespaces so we have all related packages in some
common place.

I will start with my packages now. please see the attached text file. :)

today i started a server:php project but i havent figured out how to
name the packages there yet. i am mainly interested in maintaining the
hardened php package.

thats all from me for now. :)

i think external packagers (packman, guru, usr-local-bin) could do the
same. :)


openSUSE - SUSE Linux is my linux
openSUSE is good for you
project home:darix

adns - i needed a newer version for python-ands on 10.0.
but this package breaks python-adns. i will remove
this package once i can link from factory
buildbot - a python based build automation system
cmake - linked package from KDE:KDE4
devtodo - cli todo manager
dovecot - newer version of dovecot for testing
dspam - A server-side statistical anti-spam agent for
Unix email servers.
echoping - TCP Performance Measurement Tool
elinks - an advanced and well-established feature-rich text
mode web browser
getmail - getmail is designed to replace other mail retrievers
such as fetchmail.
gld - GreyList Daemon for Postfix (MySQL backend)
gwhois - Universal Whois Client/Server suitable for all
TLDs and IPs
hsetroot - Advanced wallpaper tool for X
initng - The next generation init system
initng-ifiles - init scripts for initng
ion - Ion is a tiling tabbed window manager designed with
keyboard users in mind
ircd-ircu - Undernet IRC Server
ircd-ratbox - ircd-ratbox is an advanced, stable and fast ircd.
isync - A command line utility for synchronizing a remote
IMAP mailbox with a local maildir-style mailbox.
This is useful for working in disconnected mode,
such as on a laptop.
Judy - A general purpose dynamic array implemented as
a C callable library
libarchive - Libarchive is a programming library that can create
and read several different streaming archive formats.
This contains bsdtar binary too.
libconfuse - A configuration file parser library
libedit - A command line editing and history library aka
libreadline just under a better license (BSD)
libtorrent - A BitTorrent library written in C++ for *nix
Pascal has this package already. my packages are based
on the unstable branch of libtorrent/rtorrent.
waiting for an usable
lua - Small embeddable language with simple procedural
latest ion requires lua 5.1 which is not available in
factory yet. will drop that package once Factory has
maildrop - The mail filter/mail delivery agent from the Courier
Mail suite.
md5deep - like md5sum just handles directories on its own
memcached - memcached is a high-performance, distributed memory
object caching system
miredo - open-source Teredo IPv6 tunneling software
modlogan - A modular log analyzer
mrd6 - Multicast Routing Daemon for IPv6
mydns - A secure sql based dns server
nsd - NSD is an authoritative only, high performance,
simple and open source name server.
opendbx - A single C interface to various database backends
pdns - Modern, advanced and high performance
authoritative-only nameserver.
forked from the 10.1 suse package. Changes:
* build all backends
* split backends into subpackages
pdns-recursor - Modern, advanced and high performance
recursing/non authoritative nameserver
Formerly part of the pdns package. it was split
upstream aswell and the recursor part got updated
proftpd - Highly configurable GPL-licensed FTP server software
I just build that as many tutorials refer people to
proftpd. so here is a package for you;)
pwsafe - a unix commandline program that manages encrypted
password databases
python-adns - python bindings for adns. currently no building.
ratbox-respond - client side implementation of the challenge opering
system in ircd-ratbox
ratbox-services - A services package written mostly from scratch for
use with ircd-ratbox.
rc - An implementation of the AT&T Plan9 shell
rtorrent - Console BitTorrent client
same stuff as for libtorrent applies here.
runit - A UNIX init scheme with service supervision
as already mentioned in README.SuSE i mainly wanted
the supervisor. i will not focus on replacing the
rxvt-unicode - Rxvt X-Terminal with Unicode support
waiting to be able to link from factory.
i just copied this package to have 10.0 packages.
since - tail(1) work-alike that saves and uses state
smokeping - SmokePing is a network latency monitor
svndumptool - SvnDump is a python package containing classes for
processing subversion dump files.
svnmailer - Feature rich subversion commit notifier
tdb - A trivial database system
normally i would hope the samba package would
provide it. but as we dont have that i created
that standalone rpm.
tinycdb - TinyCDB - a Constant DataBase
tugelacache - The distributed cached on-disk hash database aka
memcached with diskstorage.
vim - vim7 waiting for testing. will be moved into factory.
wmii - window manager improved 2
xorp - XORP is the eXtensible Open Router Platform.

project ruby

ruby - copy of the factory package. waits of being
replaced with a link to the factory package
ruby19 - snapshot of the HEAD branch
rubygems - The Ruby standard for publishing and
managing third party libraries.

patched version that makes it easier to build
the following rubygem packages
rubygem-actionmailer - Mail service classes for Ruby on Rails.
rubygem-actionpack - Eases web-request routing, handling,
and response
rubygem-actionwebservice - Simple support for publishing Web Service
APIs for Rails applications
rubygem-activerecord - Implements the ActiveRecord pattern
(Fowler, PoEAA) for ORM.
rubygem-activesupport - Utility classes and extension to the
standard library
rubygem-builder - Builders for MarkUp
rubygem-camping - miniature rails for stay-at-home moms
rubygem-daemons - Easy way to convert selfwritten servers
into daemons
rubygem-FlexMock - Simple and Flexible Mock Objects for Testing.
rubygem-gem_plugin - A plugin system based only on rubygems that
uses dependencies only
rubygem-markaby - Markup as Ruby, write HTML in your native
Ruby tongue
rubygem-metaid - MetAid is a tiny library for aiding
rubygem-mongrel - A small fast HTTP library and server that
runs Rails, Camping, and Nitro apps.
rubygem-mongrel_config - Mongrel plugin that gives you web based
config tool using Camping
rubygem-mongrel_status - A sample plugin that reports the status of
rubygem-rails - A web-application framework for the MVC
rubygem-rake - Ruby Make
rubygem-rant - A flexible, Ruby based make
rubygem-RedCloth - A module for using Textile and Markdown
ruby-bit-struct - Bit-level structured binary strings
ruby-fcgi - FastCGI bindings for ruby
ruby-gettext - Native Language Support for Ruby
ruby-ldap - A Ruby extension library for accessing
ruby-mysql - MySQL bindings for Ruby
ruby-racc - A LALR(1) parser generator for Ruby
ruby-rcov - Code coverage for Ruby
ruby-RMagick - Ruby bindings for ImageMagick
libmemcache - A client library for memcached
lighttpd - Lighttpd a secure, fast, compliant and very flexible web-server

project zsh
In cooperation with Peter Poeml and Henne Vogelsang.

zsh - 4.3 snapshots

project net-snmp
In cooperation with Thomas Anders.

net-snmp - net-snmp only atm. modified copy of the factory rpm.

the project is a collaboration space with the net-snmp team.

project Apache
In cooperation with Peter Poeml.

apache2-mod_authnz_external - Apache External Authentication Modules
apache2-mod_auth_token - Token-based authentication similar to
mod_secdownload in LIGHTTPD.
apache2-mod_chroot - Running Apache in a secure chroot
apache2-mod_fcgid - copy of my factory package
apache2-mod_security - ModSecurity Open Source Web Application
apache2-mod_security2 - ModSecurity Open Source Web Application
Firewall (2.0 beta 3 snapshot)
pwauth - A Unix Web Authenticator
commandline tool for mod_authnz_external
for pam auth with apache e.g.
python-scgi - mod_scgi and the python libraries for

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