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[Bug 1047385] Installer doesn't set up boot loader to boot a windows partition
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  • Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2017 10:08:07 +0000
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Michael Chang <mchang@xxxxxxxx> changed:

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--- Comment #12 from Michael Chang <mchang@xxxxxxxx> ---

Somehow the check for ESP failed for /dev/sda2 during installation ...

2017-07-08T11:12:30.818676+00:00 install os-prober: debug: running
/usr/lib/os-probes/50mounted-tests on /dev/sda2
2017-07-08T11:12:31.200487+00:00 install 50mounted-tests: debug: mounted
using GRUB fat filesystem driver
2017-07-08T11:12:31.204085+00:00 install 50mounted-tests: debug: running
subtest /usr/lib/os-probes/mounted/05efi
2017-07-08T11:12:31.214430+00:00 install 05efi: debug: /dev/sda2 is a FAT
partition (mounted by GRUB)
2017-07-08T11:12:31.358373+00:00 install 05efi: debug: /dev/sda2 container is
2017-07-08T11:12:31.365021+00:00 install 05efi: debug: /dev/sda2 partition
scheme is
2017-07-08T11:12:31.368233+00:00 install 05efi: debug: /dev/sda2 partition
type is
2017-07-08T11:12:31.371530+00:00 install 05efi: debug: /dev/sda2 is not a ESP
partition: exiting

The partition scheme and type is retrieved from udev database 'udevadm info -q
property -n /dev/sda2' of the two records


And both has no value during installation, in turn having the check result to
be false one.

Meanwhile I tested Tumbleweed on virtual machine and did not reproduced the
problem, the Windows can be properly probed. Perhaps the problem is 42.3
specific ?

Anyway lets needinfo udev maintainer to see if any better idea.

Hi Franck

Do you have any better idea ? The offending script in os-prober invoking
"udevadm info" to retrieve the properties can be found here :


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