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[Bug 1045700] Leap 42.3 - systemd-coredump loads every CPU core
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  • Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2017 05:28:15 +0000
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--- Comment #9 from Tomas Kuchta <tomas.kuchta@xxxxxxxxx> ---
I am not sure what is your problem with the media file and how is that related
to the system behavior. As I have said, I am trying to help with testing and
media is important part of openSuSE.

It should be clear, if you look at my bug reports that I am trying to help this
project. There was a call for more testing on real HW from Douglas DeMayo -
that is how I am able to help.

I am not sure what your circumstances are and how you got assigned this report
- If you do not want to help and work on this - please do not. There is no need
to discourage other people from trying to contribute.


In order to be able to use this laptop with those systemd-tracker processes, I
stop them by sending SIGSTOP signal to them. Killing is pointless as systemd
will spawn new ones. Here is how I do that:
sudo kill -s SIGSTOP $(ps -ef | grep dump | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}')
Then I try to use the system as much as I can to see if I stumble on additional

I guarantee you that the reported behavior has started at the first login to
the system post-install and it is behaving consistently for over week now -
despite system updates and reboots.

I do not know anything about this tracker process beyond that I can learn from
man and google. It is causing me unnecessary troble on other non leap 42.3
systems because it keeps scanning large mounted NFS volumes.

I have issue with that from performance, network and filer load point of view
as well as from data security point of view because it is storing confidential
remote data on the local disks of every machine, and there is no stopping it.


As I said, if you are annoyed with this report, do not want to work on it or
you do not believe me that it is real please stop.

Given the rate at which users are abandoning openSuse, there is no need for
negative, not constructive response to bug reports. See Ludwig Nussel openSuSE
Conference talk:
for pretty dramatic dropping user base charts.

Best regards, Tomas

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