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[Bug 1043653] Sensitivity/pressure data untweakable on Microsoft Precision touchpad on Dell XPS 13
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  • Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2017 11:44:13 +0000
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--- Comment #14 from Jeff Piatt <piattj@xxxxxxxxx> ---
I'm *relatively* ignorant about computers and linux, so before I proceed I'd
like to know whether this could be a hardware issue. Is it possible that there
is a problem in the way Dell has integrated the touchpad into the 9360 XPS 13,
and that this is the root cause of the necessary events (ABS_PRESSURE,
ABS_MT_PRESSURE, ABS_TOOL_WIDTH) not being generated? And if so, is it also
therefore possible that no amount of work on the Linux end (Opensuse or
otherwise, or upstream) would be able to fix the issue?

I want to know the answers to each of these questions, because I've raised the
issue with Dell, and just now have started getting some response. Knowing such
answers, and maybe even some compelling ways to convey the issue technically to
them, might help me convince them that the solution lies only with Dell (if
indeed that is the case). I've already shared with them all the information
I've posted in this bug report, but sometimes they seem slow to engage with
details. Maybe they don't have the resources for linux-related problems.

If not, that is if this is an issue that can be solved here or upstream, then I
am happy to continue filing another bug. Although I need to know precisely what
"upstream" means. Where would such a bug be filed?

Thanks for advice on how to proceed!

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