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[Bug 1037891] All YaST module window names show "ruby" instead of a more specifc name (was: Yast module windows in Plasma: generic x window icon and grouped as "ruby" in task manager)
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  • Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2017 09:57:38 +0000
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--- Comment #35 from Fabian Vogt <fvogt@xxxxxxxx> ---
(In reply to Josef Reidinger from comment #31)
OK, now I do some debugging here is result:

1. in gnome it looks ok for me. I see icon, but it is not properly grouped.

2. passing name was more tricky then I though, as there is no simple way to
modify it in y2start. But I can pass it to y2start from other script we have
there, but at least in gnome it does not help with grouping. Still I see two
different windows there.

I do not have at hand KDE, so if you can test how it will look like if you

/usr/lib/YaST2/bin/y2start <module e.g. bootloader> qt -name YaST2

and test it if it helps at least in KDE. I see that change is

WM_CLASS from "ruby", "YaST2 bootloader @ dhcp77" to "YaST2", "YaST2
bootloader @ dhcp77"

Grouping works fine, but the icon is still missing. Appending "-icon yast" to
y2start as well fixes that.

Note that for wayland support qApp->setDesktopFileName("YaST") needs to get
called on startup as native.

I had a talk with a KDE Plasma developer, he told me that the *second* field of
the WM_CLASS is important for connecting windows to applications.
Qt gets that from QCoreApplication::applicationName(), so need to call
setApplicationName with "YaST2" and not the window title.

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