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[Bug 1042558] [Build 20170601] installer reports incorrect free space prediction in installation summary and then fails with "out of space"
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  • Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2017 09:05:59 +0000
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Lukas Ocilka <locilka@xxxxxxxx> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Lukas Ocilka <locilka@xxxxxxxx> ---
## Observation

There are two sets of tests in this bugreport

## Expectations

One set per bugreport

## More details

### Test Run 6558

There is an error reported to the user: Not enough disk space

No, you can't continue before fixing the problem

--> IMO behaves correctly, error does not let you continue

### Test Run 6559

There is a warning that it might not fit, but openQA test continues

RPM starts reporting errors, but that a common stderr, so it might be warning,
it might be anything, it's reported to the user, but RPM does not report a
failure (exit code) http://lord.arch/tests/6559#step/install_and_reboot/17
Or is this from libzypp running scripts directly?

Then it fails hard, when RPMDB2SOLV finally reports an error with a different
exit code http://lord.arch/tests/6559#step/install_and_reboot/21

--> IMO Yast behaves correctly, you have been warned, you decided to
continue, but then it failed

--> Yes, we could change Yast to start screaming when there is only, let's
say 10% left, or 15% left, or 20% or 55% ... the fact is, there is
nothing like a good number, and even btrfs experts don't know

--> The only thing that should be fixed is IMO RPM (scripts) to throw
a real error when "no space left on device" appears somehow, but that
might be also just the "xterm" post-script issue (ignoring errors) see

So, what do you feel needs to be fixed?

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