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[Bug 1020327] [Build 20170116] openQA test fails in consoletest_finish
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  • Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2017 08:03:15 +0000
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--- Comment #16 from Franck Bui <fbui@xxxxxxxx> ---
Ok let's try to make some progress...

systemd-setup-console.service is started several times during the early boot.

This was actually already the case with v228 where the service was started 3
times I think:

- 1 time started by plymouth-start.service due to a dependency
Wants=systemd-setup-console.service used in the service file.

- 2 times started by 90-vconsole.rules. I don't really understand why the
rule is called a second time here but it seems that one of the vtconsole device
is removed (after being added the first time) and then added back again right
after. This happens during udev coldplug all devices

Now with v232, systemd-setup-console.service has RemainsAfterExit=false. I
don't know if this change is correct or not but it has the downside to start
one more time systemd-setup-console.service lately during the early boot.

And this new console configuration seems to confuse plymouth for some reason
and makes it crash.

Even if configuring the console several times is not nice, I don't think
plymouth is supposed to crash in anyways (BTW I think there is already a bug
open for the crash of plymouth) and this bug should be fixed.

@Fabian, in comment #11, you reported that plymouth git master (and also the
version in Base:System) has a fix for preventing plymouth from crahsing.

So my suggestion here is to fix plymouth by either upgrading Base:System to git
master or by identifying the fix and backport it to Factory.

In the meantime I think we could also drop the
Wants=systemd-setup-console.service from plymouth-start.service because
setup-console is supposed to be done via a udev rule (which shouldhappen before
plymouth is started).

@Fabian, WDYT ?

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