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[Bug 1017610] During Initialize software manager - YAST not able to create repository from external USB diskdrive
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  • Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2017 10:58:57 +0000
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--- Comment #8 from Richard Bos <richard.bos@xxxxxxxxx> ---
Created attachment 710127
debug src files and logs from debug session

I've been doing some debugging and the culprit seems to be in lines:
193: zypp::Pathname pth(probe_url.getPathName());
194: pth /= path_r;
196: probe_url.setPathName(pth.asString());

I added DEBUG statements (like DEBUG A6.1) to lines 160 - 199, see file

The result of that can be seen in corresponding log log/y2log-20170115_044600.

2017-01-15 04:46:53 <1> install(7713) [Pkg] DEBUG A6.1:
2017-01-15 04:46:53 <1> install(7713) [Pkg] DEBUG A6.2:

Something between A6.1 and A6.2 is clearly adding the zero's...., this is:
if (!path_r.asString().empty())
y2milestone("DEBUG A6");
zypp::Pathname pth(probe_url.getPathName());
????? pth /= path_r;

y2milestone("DEBUG A6.1: %s", probe_url.asString().c_str() );
>>>>> probe_url.setPathName(pth.asString());
y2milestone("DEBUG A6.2: %s", probe_url.asString().c_str() );

In my next attempt I uncommented "probe_url.setPathName(pth.asString())", this
resulted in another (internal) error message...., see log

The error message shown on the screen: 'No base product found'. In the log
this is:
yast/wfm.rb:229 Client call failed with 'No base product found' and backtrace
["/mounts/mp_0001/usr/share/YaST2/modules/Product.rb:117:in `FindBaseProducts'"

I hope that is sufficient information to provide a fix...

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