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[Bug 1018353] No display shown when video is not set during installation
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  • Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2017 15:27:32 +0000
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--- Comment #15 from Richard Bos <richard.bos@xxxxxxxxx> ---
Created attachment 710103
Log file for boot with and without boot parameters

(In reply to Stefan Dirsch from comment #14)
There is no easy way to a detect a black screen, graphics corruption or
similar bugs in the graphics driver.

Ain't it possible to configure a not supported gfx card (just in the
distribution files)?

I tested it today again, kernel boot parameters:
LVDS-0:d LVDS-1:d VGA-0:e VGA-1:e
(either separately or combined) do not result in GUI. The only thing that
helps, is setting the video mode (to 1280x1024). This makes the installation
possible via X (yast-qt). Either via boot argument video=1280x1024 are using
the video boot menu (<F3>).

Attached the log files for a boot cycle without boot parameter and with video
set. In the latter case there is y2start.log and Xorg log. In the case
without video defined only one log available (the only one available is y2log).
The log files are obtained via the same method, using a script. But when no
video set the script is to be executed without any visuals...

If I interpret the y2log for the case without video setting, the ncurses gui is
started, while in the other case (video set), yast-qt is started...

video = yes: bug-20170114-093438
video = no: bug-20170114-144830

# diff bug-20170114-093438/YaST2/y2log bug-20170114-144830/y2log | sed
's/^</vid=yes:/;s/^>/ vid=no:/' | head -20
vid=yes: <1> install(3192) [liby2] Launched YaST2
component 'y2base' 'installation' '("initial")' 'qt' '--noborder'
'--auto-fonts' '--fullscreen'
vid=no: <1> install(3192) [liby2] Launched YaST2
component 'y2base' 'installation' '("text_fallback")' '("initial")' 'ncurses'
'--noborder' '--auto-fonts' '--fullscreen'
vid=yes: <1> install(3192) [ui] Given filename:
vid=no: <1> install(3192) [ui] Given filename:
vid=yes: <1> install(3192) [ui] Looking for:
vid=no: <1> install(3192) [ui] Looking for:
vid=yes: <1> install(3192) [ui] Found in
vid=no: <1> install(3192) [ui] Found
in /usr/lib64/yui
vid=yes: <1> install(3192) [qt-ui] This is libyui-qt 2.46.24
vid=yes: <1> install(3192) [qt-styler] Using
style sheet "/usr/share/YaST2/theme/current/wizard/installation.qss"
vid=yes: <1> install(3192) [qt-ui] Qt
argument: YaST2

Looks like X is not started...

Can't it be figured out, that installer should use a video mode, preferable
1280x1024, for a
succesfull installation??? Either via analysis of gfxcard hwinfo in
combination with the boot
parameters, e.g.:

if gfxcard gma500 adn
if boot parameters set, do nothing.
if boot parameters not set, set video mode = 1280x1024 and continue

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