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[Bug 1018741] after Xen 4.7 -> 4.8 upgrade, Xen PVHVM/UEFI guests fail to boot; hang @~ OVMF
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  • Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2017 03:05:35 +0000
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--- Comment #46 from lists dev <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxx> ---
(In reply to Mike Latimer from comment #45)
Can you confirm whether the above steps are required on all openSUSE guests,
or only those guests which encountered the OVMF issues (and have been hacked
on during troubleshooting)?

On this server, I've 5 OpenSUSE guests, up to date with latest KernelStable,
Grub, etc. as of immediately prior to the Xen 4.7 -> 4.8 upgrade of the Host.

I've only 'hacked' on the one Guest; this^ thread has been all on/with that one
Guest. Well, until the last getting-it-working-again bits ...

I'd bet that there's some shades-of-gray less that I could've gotten to work; I
didn't do the necessary 'hacking' on those Guests, instead choosing to simply
replicate what worked on the hacked-guest.

And, yes, all those steps were apparently needed for all 4 of those OpenSUSE

I'm not sure why I didn't see this on my test VM, but I also haven't yet
seen the OVMF issue. (I do plan on doing additional testing.)

What I can say is that the `mkinitrd -A` "monster" initrd seems to be
necessary; at least in the chroot environment. I refuse to believe that ALL of
it is required, but haven't found the nominal delta that works, yet.

I also haven't started playing again with the booted Guests, to see if "just" a
`mkinitrd` (no -A) from inside the fully-virtualized Guest env will kill boot
again ...

And, fwiw, currently, all seems (m_oO_m) to be working having dropped back to
using OVMF from the Virtualization repo, instead of glin's custom build.

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