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[Bug 1017533] Krusader left/right arrow behavior wrong: doesn't navigate columns but changes directory
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  • Date: Sun, 08 Jan 2017 09:11:15 +0000
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--- Comment #7 from Gennady Uraltsev <gennady.uraltsev@xxxxxxxxx> ---
Sorry, I didn't want to pass off as disrespectful. It was an authentic
question: I was wondering if I should post the thing here or maybe somewhere

Btw, it doesn't help much to attach a modified spec file here. We do know how
to add patches... ;)
And attaching the patch is not really necessary either if you already point
to the upstream bug report and/or commit.

I have no doubt that you know how to apply patches. I tried to be helpful by
making sure that the upstream commit can be applied to the version in Leap
42.2. I built the RPM on my system to check that there were no unintended
consequences and reported my findings here.

If you do want to help/contribute, better branch the package on OBS (krusader
is maintained in KDE:Extra), add the patch and submit it back.

I am not an expert coder but I often backport bugfixes from upstream into rpms
on my system. I was wondering how I could I be most useful for the community
with this skill. Any suggestions are welcome. I was not familiar with branch
and resubmit things on OBS.

I will add the upstream fix, but I don't consider this "Major" so lowering
the severity.

Obviously it is not "Major" at the level of the whole distribution. It does
however impact usability a lot for most use cases of krusader. One of the
primary features of this file manager is a high level of control using keyboard
alone (it is close to MC in this aspect).

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